Fivecent Studios - Production House

Orange County, California production house for your digital strategy needs by, video producer and red epic camera owner, Scott Nichols.

Created by video producer, Scott Nichols, Fivecent Studios is a production house based in Orange County, California. Scott uses the RED Epic 5K camera and HD aerial video to assist you with your companies' digital marketing strategy needs. 

Welcome to Fivecent Studios! 

Fivecent Studios x Sickboat Creative present, Crown City Krooks' official music video for, "Monster." Crown City Krooks is an American rock and roll band formed in Los Angeles, California. The group consists of Johnny Ashkar (Guitar & Vocals), Peter Kreta (Bass), and Eric Tormey (Drums). Birthed in a Pasadena warehouse, the group sets out to make enticing rock and roll music, true to the uncomplicated, authentic roots of the genre.

Client: Crown City Krooks

Role: Director/Cinematographer/Editor/VFX



Filmmaker / Photographer